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From “ 0 ” to “ 0.1 ”

"It's not easy to running a business at Canada." this is the advising from my best friend.

I didn't believe him at first time when I prepare to open a store,after searching marketing ,I decided to choose the wall decoration material, At that time, I was very enthusiasm and excited, because these things are exactly what people needs, after about six month ,everything is ready and we open our store at Oct.2017

Who knows, in the first 3 months, we basically have no orders and sales, we even had a little doubt whether the right product was selected, a little bit understand what my friend said was !  It ’s really frustrating at that time,enthusiasm was slowly fading. After calm down, we decided to start advertising at newspaper, website and post . after 1 month ,we get our first wallpaper order and local McDonald's Material Supply,everything happened suddenly but still satisfactory, business starts to go formal.



From “ 0.1 ” to “ 1 ”

We found that ,one thing very important is most of people didn't know how to

use or installation the materials ,like 3D soft  wall panels and PU moldings.

even the wallpaper need professional guy to do it. Our products are very popular,

but the sales conversion rate is low. We summed up 3 aspects:

1.  Price 

2. How to Installation

3. Where can be used

It took us 2 years to solve these problems, We spent a lot of time on product installation and ignored the product itself and our business stalled during this time. 

Stressed Man


From “ 1 ” to “ 100 ”

We increase online store business in 2019 named Uneelives

The idea is : "Every thing you need is here,Unique, Save more

for better lives."


We have added more than 20 related categories and more than 1,000 products at online store,cooperation with multiple local physical stores in BC ,committed to building a comprehensive life service online store in North American

Now we also  welcome you with common goals to join us, the spread of the network is powerful in the whole world,E-commerce is already the next generation of shopping, We have achieved some exciting results this year, and we will work harder to prepare for the next year.


- 3D Soft Wall Panel

- Wallpaper

- PU Molding

- Laminate Surface Board

- Furniture

- Kitchen

- Bathroom

- Accessories

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