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What is PU molding?

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2019-2020 PU moldings catalog.

Pu is short name for Polyurethane.First developed in 1937, with widespread use during WWII as a replacement for, then, expensive rubber, polyurethane has withstood the test of time and is still widely used today. Its long history has allowed us to see how long-lasting and flexible this material truly is. In fact, this material is around us every day, used in furniture, upholstery, insulation, soundproofing, car parts, composite wood panels, building applications and many more. It would be hard to imagine our lives without polyurethanes.

Why choose polyurethane molding?

1. They're primed and ready to be installed: Many install our foam moldings as-is, but they can easily be painted using a quality latex or oil-based paint, with spray paint, a brush or spray gun. You can even stain them so you always get the finish and color you want.

2. They offer you more choices: One of the benefits of polyurethane molding is that the high-density foam allows you to enjoy highly detailed and unique designs that would be extremely difficult to obtain with other materials. You can choose from different looks and widths, so you can create the ambience you want. If you pay attention to detail and want molding that is beautiful and innovative, polyurethane crown molding may be right for you.

Why choose polyurethane molding?

3. They give you a professional: finished look: Since you can paint them any way you want and since the moldings allow you to enjoy that perfect fit, your moldings look like they were professionally installed, even when they’re a DIY project. With traditional molding, you may need precise cuts or could even need to hire a professional. But Polyurethane molding with Molding Mates™ lets you install like a pro, and the precise detail of the moldings gives any room that high-end look. Since you don't have to use adhesives or nails on the molding, you won't have to worry about tell-tale touch-ups, holes, paint or glue drips and other unsightly "oops" moments. These moldings install quickly and cleanly.

4. They're durable: These moldings are resistant to moisture, rot and termites, allowing you to enjoy them for longer with less hassle. Unlike other materials, you don't have to worry about maintenance or painting over mold or mildew. Your molding stays looking new for a long time, giving your property that timelessly elegant look.

5. They do not require extensive experience or special tools: You can easily cut through the Polyurethane with a table saw, hand saw or even by scoring the pieces. You won't need to use nails to attach the molding to the wall. You also don't have to worry about mitering, finding the studs in every wall or making precise cuts. These moldings are designed with a DIY installation in mind.

PU molding VS

MDF molding 

1.  The picture to the left is of the saw blade used to cut through this piece of molding. You can see that it has a pretty coarse blade on it, but cuts through the moulding with no drama at all.

     but the MDF molding have a little scratch at edge,which means the MDF molding has requirements for saw blades condition.

2.  Both of PU molding and MDF molding are flexible and PU molding can be more curved than MDF(the picture to right is PU molding )

      So how tough is the polyurethane moulding?" Another question we get a lot, so we just show you and demonstrate what happens when PU moulding is pushed to the max.

       Right below is the picture of the broken end. You can see that the part failed in a straight line that runs parallel with the  edge. The PU moulding is one solid piece and does not shatter or splinter.

        We can clearly see the difference between the broken edges, The MDF molding Looks unsatisfactory.This is because the effect of its manufacturing method on its fracture at high density

Where to buy PU moldings ?

Dream Space Decor are available over 200 different style of molding in stock, like crown molding,Door and Window Casing,Chair Rail,Wainscoting and Wall Frame Molding.We also provide more than 3000 kinds of moldings from manufacturer directly with bulk price. please feel free to contact us for more detail or visit our showroom at Richmond BC

dream space decor

2019-2020 PU moldings catalog.

In Stock Catalogo

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