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About PU Molding

PU Molding made of PU synthetic abbreviation of Polyurethane. The hard PU foam is mixed with two ingredients at high speed in the pouring machine and then into the mold to form a hard skin. At the same time using fluorine-free formula, no chemical controversy, is the new century green decorative products. Only need to simply modify the formula, you can get different density, elasticity, rigidity and other physical properties.


1, anti-moth, moisture, mold, acid, will not be affected by weather changes and cracking or deformation, washable, long service life.

2, flame retardant, non-spontaneous, non-combustion, leave the fire can be automatically extinguished.

3, light weight, good hardness, good flexibility and toughness, easy construction. Can be sawing planing machine can be bent into a variety of curved shape. Construction time spent more than normal gypsum, wood saving.

4, diversity, generally white as the standard, based on the white color can be freely, but also do paste gold, gold, washed white, make-up, antique silver, bronze and other special effects.

5, the surface pattern is clear, realistic, three-dimensional effect is obvious.

6, it is light, long life, not easy to deformation, the surface can be latex paint or paint finishes.

Our factory has 10 years of production and design experience, covering 450,000 square feet, more than 100 employees, all products have international quality standards,