3D Soft Leather Wall Panels

Everyone living in the society invites family and friends to their residence, and there is always a constant buzz of clients, customer, and visitors in any office. Whatever it may be, you need to make your space look impressive. A room enclosed by blank walls delivers a dull and boring look, and for this reason, it fails to create any impression. Paneling walls can make your residential apartment and office look brighter and spacious with an aura of elegance and sophistication.

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​3D Wall panels

Paneling walls have been enjoying a special place in the decoration regimen for a long time, and the 3D wall panels have been in great demand due to their excellent ability to add to the decor of any place. This is a very handy option for the beautification of the interior as well as exterior walls. You can enhance the charm of your private and business space with minimal effort. The three-dimensional panel is a recent decoration concept. These panels are manufactured in textured form with repetitive designs for creating a definite pattern of light and shadow with the use of proper illumination. The textured 3D wall panels are meant for many uses. Other than improving walls these can also be used for making ceilings, furniture, fireplace, etc. a focal point.

Whether for new construction or for refurbishing old ones, most of the house owners, architects and designers are opting for the 3D panels. In case you are

one of them this article can let you know the basics.

Leather 3D Wall panels: 


Made from PU leather,  These deliver unmatched performance for transforming your office interior to a place of royal elegance. You can use these for decorating living rooms, bedrooms for creating a luxurious ambiance provided those be free from moisture ingress.

Why 3D panel walls?

Wall panels are designing marvel and provide an ultimate decorating solution. This is a dire necessity for making your living room or office warm and welcoming. Aside from this you can hide wall flaws, make dull walls impressive and provide protection to the walls.

Where can these be used?

3D wall panels can be used anywhere from homes to offices; restaurants to resorts; clubs to casinos, hospitals and for any other personal or commercial settings for amplifying the beauty of the place in simple and elegant manner. For more product features, please find the PDF file for more details.

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